Forget about calories - eat The RIGHT FOOD with our Healthy Eating Recipes.

You may think to yourself 'But what the right food is?' This is normal because most of us get really confused about what a healthy diet is, what food we should eat and what should be avoided.

With healthy eating recipes it is simple - eat everything that's natural.

The common confusion happens because there are so many explanations of what a healthy diet is, giving a huge range of advices and a lot of them strictly contradict each other. It quite hard to find something that they have in common. But the main problem about a lot of the diets is that they are Too Extreme!

Atkinson’s diet says you should load yourself with proteins and avoid carbohydrates as much as possible. Most diets exaggerate about the bad qualities of fat and sugar and suggest to cut them out of your diet.

My healthy eating recipes are based on the idea of BALANCE.

The balance of all the essential nutrients

You are allowed to eat, in fact, you should eat everything! And what I mean by everything is Proteins, Carbohydrates AND Fats AND Sugars. Our bodies cannot function properly if we exclude any of those. Fats are needed for both heart and brain functioning and sugars/glucose is needed for brain health.

The key is to eat not too much but just enough and eat all the food that is natural!

A good way to do that is to cook by yourself. And even though it is more time-consuming than buying stuff from stores it is definitely worth it. Our health is in our hands.

So I created this website to share with you my healthy eating recipes which will contribute to your balanced diet and well-being.

There are six different categories of recipes on this website. Breakfast, main meals, vegetarian, Asian, desserts and juice recipes are all welcome for you. Choose and find what you want!

Each recipe is healthy and natural and is explained in a simple way. You don't need to be a professional chef to understand them.

Finally, I would like you to know that not only the home-made food has the natural ingredients but it also has that love and positive energy that are put into it during the cooking process.

So cook with love, send love to every piece of your food, enjoy it, and share that love with people around you.:)

Thank you for visiting!


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