Healthy Breakfast Recipes - make a good start of the day!

Hello and welcome to my healthy breakfast recipes! In this section you can find recipes of different types of meals appropriate for your breakfasts. All of them are tested by myself to ensure that they are of high nutritional quality and taste well before they get to you!

Just like all the other recipes you will find on this website, healthful breakfast recipes are based on the idea of BALANCE. That's what makes them healthy. They do have fats and sugars and they are actually good for you, as well as being tasty.

Adding some of these recipes will help you to balance your diet and improve your health. However, you must not eat too much. As I always say: Eat everything that is natural and the right amount. Variety and right quantity is the key!

I will give you an example to help you understand what this actually means. Let's imagine today you decided to have pancakes for breakfast - that's fine. You used the recipe to cook them and now you are enjoying the taste of them. So how much should you eat? What is enough?

Well, it is about your own feeling of fullnes. When you are almost full but you feel that a little bit more would fit into your stomach that is when you shoud stop. This is the right amount you need to eat.

Variety means that tomorrow you will eat an omelette for breakfast rather than eating pankakes again, even though you might really want to eat pancakes.

These principles apply to every meal you have during the day.

What is so important about breakfast is that it is the first food that your body gets after a whole night of sleeping. Your body uses this food to build the base of your daily energy supply.

My healthy breakfast recipes are light which is vital because you don't want to put too much pressure on your digestive system. If you eat 'heavy food' such as fried meat it takes long time to digest it and it strains your organism.

Here are two cases as an exaple to help you understand how this works:
1) You wake up in the morning and do some stretching and a light warm up. 2) You wake up and go for a long run with some weights.

As you can see, the first case is much better for you. It helps your body to wake up and fuels it with good energy. This is similar to having a light breakfast.

The second case, on the other hand, is worse for you. Even though, you will be awake for a moment, you will feel tired later on and your muscles will ache. This is similar to having a heavy breakfast.

So I want to share with you some healthy breakfast recipes which are light, contain natural ingredients, and are very easy to cook. It will take only a few more minutes of your time in the morning but will add much to your health.

The recipes are listed below. See what you like and choose the ones you would like to try by simply clicking on them.
Have fun, enjoy and bon appetit!


Porridge (Quick)

Porridge recipe quick

Ukrainian-Style Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese recipe

Scrambled Eggs (with parmesan and chili)

Scrambled egg recipe

Ukrainian Cornmeal Porridge

Cornmeal porridge

Porridge (Traditional)

Traditional porridge recipe

Milky Rice Porridge

Rice porridge

Cottage Cheese Pancakes

Cottage cheese pancakes

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