Healthy Dessert Recipes

Hello and welcome to my healthy dessert recipes! In this section you can find recipes of different types of desserts. All of them are tested by myself to ensure that they are of high nutritional quality and taste well before they get to you.

A lot of people associate desserts with something that is not very good for you. Unlike, my healthy dessert recipes will actually contribute to the balance of your diet. You wonder how? You think that they contain a lot of sugar and have low or no nutritional value? Then you are wrong.

First of all, remember that all the foods are useful for you as long as they are natural! I eat only natural ingredients myself and I will never recommend bad for you in my recipes.

Second thing is variety which is a crucial ingredient of a balanced diet. However, you can't have enough variety if you miss out on desserts. Of course if you eat desserts or snacks such as cakes from a shop or a Snickers bar it won't do much good to you.

It will meet your daily need for sugar but it will also exceed it. This is because those sweets are 'really sweet'. This will harm your body as it will break the golden balance. Balance is health!

Therefore, my healthy dessert recipes do contain sugar but very little amounts. In fact, glucose is needed for your brain. However, remember that you must not eat too much as, again, it breaks the balance.

Overeating damages your organism greater than you can imagine.
So stick with the right amount - when you feel like you could eat just a little bit more - stop. That is the right amount.

Also bear in mind that, even though, desserts do add nutrients to your diet they can not replace main meals for a simple reason - you will have an overdose of sugar.

I want to share with you my healthy dessert recipes so that you can sometimes 'indulge' yourself and your friends and have a moment of heaven.

The recipes are listed below. Healthy cookies, cakes, snacks and more are all for you. Choose what attracts you and try it by simply clicking on it. I promise you will like it and have fun cooking it as well. You can modify the recipes if you want to e.g. add even less sugar.
Enjoy and bon appetit!


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Homemade Nutella

Homemade Nutella

Oat Cookies

Healthy oatmeal cookie recipe

Cottage Cheese Cake

Cottage cheese cake

Cinnamon Honey Biscuits

Cinnamon honey biscuits

Chocolate Truffles With Hazelnuts And Raisins

Chocolate Truffles with hazelnuts and raisins

Honey Toasts With Sesame Seeds

Honey Toasts with sesame seeds

Fried Banana With Whipped Cream

Fried banana with whipped cream

Meringues With Chocolate And Walnuts

Meringue recipe

Chocolate Spread With Coffee Infusion

Chocolate spread

Strawberry Tiramisu

tiramisu recipe

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