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Contribute to Healthy Eating Recipes

Would you like to share your knowledge about healthy eating recipes? Great, find out how you can submit your story or tip here.

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Healthy dessert recipes - for sweet experiences

Healthy dessert recipes - with less sugar but more taste. Try healthy cookies, cakes, snacks and more... all natural

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Raspberry Granola Bar Recipe |

Raspberry granola bar recipe. A simple recipe for making healthy cereal bars. A great in vitamins, minerals, fibre...

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'American' Roasted Potato Recipe |

This roasted potato recipe is very simple..and healthy as well. My father said it is an American-style potato recipe..but I am not sure. Anyway, we tried it and it was great! Potato marinated...

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Sour Cherry Cake Recipe |

Cherry cake recipe that is simple and naturally tasty. A soft and wet cake mixed with sour cherries tastes great with milk. My mum has recently found the recipe...

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Cottage Cheese Pancakes |

Cottage cheese pancakes are healthy and simple as well. Using wholemeal flour instead of plain flour. Combined with cottage cheese, sour cream, sugar... A great breakfast, dessert or even a main meal!

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Ukrainian Jacket Potato Recipe (Potato ''Mundir'') |

Jacket potato recipe in Ukrainian style. It is boiled with the skin rather than baked - one of the healthiest potato recipes. Taste the Ukrainian culture...

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Braised Chicken Legs Recipe |

Chicken legs recipe is healthy and simple. Chicken legs which are braised with onion, garlic, bay leaf... They provide high-quality protein.

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