Healthy Vegetarian Recipes:
more than just vegetables

Hello and welcome to my healthy vegetarian recipes! In this section you can find recipes of different types of vegetarian dishes. All of them are tested by myself to ensure that they are of high nutritional quality and taste well before they get to you!

Healthy vegetarian recipes, just like all the other recipes on this website, are based on the idea of BALANCE. Balance means the appropriate amount of all the essential nutrients. In fact, this includes FATS and SUGARS! Yes, what you have just read is totally true!

It is a very common misleading that sugars and fats are bad for you. Remember: there are no 'bad' nutrients! All of them are good for you, providing that they are consumed in the right amounts!

Therefore, the key to health is the variety of foods and the right amount.

The combination of different types of foods and ingredients in my vegetarian recipes will contribute towards the overall health of your body and, as a result, mind as well. But remember, that none of my veggie recipes include meat.

To get a perfect balance of nutrients I would suggest that you include meat in your diet as well. One way you can add meat to your diet is by trying my healthy meal recipes.

If you are a 100% vegetarian than you must make sure that you get enough proteins from other sources. However, I would like you to be aware that animal proteins have different qualities from plant proteins.

Moreover, scientist have found that proteins from animal sources are better absorbed by our bodies than plant proteins such as those from legumes.

My advice to you is to combine all the sources of proteins in your diet so that you eat a good variety of foods, but it is entirely up to you in the end.

Nevertheless, all the ingredients in these healthy vegetarian recipes are natural and rich in diffent nutrients.

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All the recipes are listed below. See what suits your taste.

If you need a recipe that it suitable for diabetics there are a few ideas on this website - DiabetesCure. You can also find some general information and tips about different types of diabetes there.

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Remember that vegetarian recipes are not for vegetarians only - they are for everybody. So choose the ones that you would like to try and go for them!

Enjoy and bon apetit!


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