Natural Orange Juice Recipe

Hello everybody and welcome! This is a natural orange juice recipe. Now I am going to guide you step by step on how to make this highly nutritious drink. Make yourself at home and enjoy!

Before we start:
Orange juice is one of the most popular juices in the world. Well, I would say that it is actually the most common type of juice that people drink.

In America, it is as common as coffee or water and is the healthiest drink that Americans consume. Most of these juices are commercial types and are different to the freshly squeezed juice - the one we are going to make with this orange juice recipe.

How is commercial orange juice made?
Orange juice is usually made by extracting the essence of the orange juice and making a dried orange concentrate or an orange juice powder.

Then the essential oils of the orange, wich were evapourated, are added back to the powder to give it back the original orange flavour and aroma.

Finally, filtered water is added to turn the powder into juice.When you buy this kind of orange juice is says on the pack that it is made from concentrate. You can also find orange juices that are not from concentrate. They are a pure squeezed juice that is pasteurized.

Nutritional value:


  • Vitamin C - 82 mg (137% of DV)
  • Thiamin - 0.28 mg (18% of DV)
  • Folate - 45 mcg DFE (11% of DV)
  • Vitamin B6 - 0.13 mg (7% of DV)
  • Vitamin A - 194 IU (4% of DV)
  • Niacin - 0.70 mg (3% of DV)
  • Potassium - 473 mg (14% of DV)
  • Magnesium - 27 mg (7% of DV)
  • Calcium 25 mg (3% of DV)
  • Iron - 0.42 mg (2% of DV)
  • Sodium - 2 mg (0% of DV)
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What is the difference between the commercial orange juice and homemade juice?
Looking at the process of making the commercial orange juice you might think that there is not a big difference. I agree that the branded juices are healthy and nutritional. They are certainly better than drinking coke or any fizzy drink.

However, that is only if it is a pure orange juice concentrate. If there are some preservatives and additives, it isn't a good drink anymore.

Even if you take the 100% commercial juice with no additives, there are a few differences:
1) It is pasteurized and therefore it's not completely natural anymore;
2) The concentrate has got 3 times as much sugar as the natural orange juice. This has a greater impact on your blood sugar levels;
3) The vitamin C in the commercial juice looses some of its beneficial qualities and has a smaller effect on your health.

Conclusion is simple: If you can, drink pure natural orange juice. I decided to share with you this orange juice recipe for a simple reason - to encourage you to make it yourself.

If you do this, you will truly vitaminize your body and see your health improving. This is a great way to boost your immune system functioning!

So are you ready to juice up? Let's start then!

Remember to send love to the oranges. By sending love, you will receive love back as well. As a result, the juice will become more tasty and healthier for you! Simple but it is true!

So keep a smile on your face while cooking and enjoy the process!


  • oranges
  • juicer

  1. Take a few juicy oranges and peel them completely using a simple knife or a special peeling knife. To make 1 eight-ounce glass of juice you need about 3 oranges.
  2. Orange juice

  3. Cut the oranges into halves. Try whether they fit into the neck of your juicer. If not, cut each piece into half again. Use a high-quality juicer and squeeze the juice from the oranges. Read the instructions of your juicer for more details on how to squeeze juice.
  4. Orange juice

  5. Pour the juice into a glass and enjoy straightaway. If you want a cold juice put it into a fridge for 30 minutes. Alternatively, you can put the oranges into the fridge before you make the juice.
    Note: You can store the juice in a fridge for 24-48 hours.
  6. Orange juice

  7. Enjoy and stay heathy! Smell the nice aroma of the orange and feel the rich flavour in each mouthful!

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